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The Trail

Mountain View

One beautiful morning, Steven wakes up to the birds chirping outside the window so hes very happy and energized to go rock climbing so he calls Alexis, on of his best friends and asks her if she wants go. She pauses and thinks about it for a while because she doesnt like to rock climb but she really likes Steven so she decides to go with him. Shes taking a risk of getting hurt but shell take that just for Steven. A while later they meet up at the place Stony Point, the rock climbing place was so beautiful with its wild nature and birds chirping. When they get there Steven asks Alexis if she would like a string around her waist for support just incase something bad happens. Since Steven always goes rock climbing He already knows what to do when something bad happens but Alexis doesnt because its her first time.

Steven asks Alexis would she like a sting around her waits for support
Or not